Phones are expected to be released in 2018

Since the launch of the original iPhone…

in 2017, smartphones have evolved to the present day. The smartphone’s screens are bigger, more powerful processors, longer battery life, faster data connections and professional-quality cameras. While many new phones are expected to emerge in 2017, it is expected to have a big impact this year due to the iPhone‘s 10th anniversary.. Besides, what are the expected phones in 2018?

Obviously there is no clear information about the phones to be released this year and there was no explanation from the companies about this issue but it is a fact that quite innovative phones are expected in 2018. The first of these will be the new face and voice recognition technologies.

Apple has long been, as you know already using fingerprint scanner, but with that new technology you can scan the retina and open your phone’s password with your eyes. This technology will be much more secure than the fingerprint scanner.

As you know, both nanotechnology and processor chipsets are constantly evolving and it may proceed much faster than in 2018. Over the next five years, 32-core processors and 20nm technology are expected to come to the phones.. In 2018 it is expected to be available with more powerful camera phones are expected.. As Nvidia’s technologies like Chimera will be developed, the cameras will now react almost like human eyes and instantly focus on moving objects, follow them and adapt to different lighting conditions.

The first period of touch screen technology was definitely a revolution. it seems to continue to be used after that. But after that the voice control will start. With more powerful processors and sensors, we will be able to control phones directly with our voice. This way, the security will be better quality.

Of course, perhaps one of the most interesting ones among them will be the twisted phones that are already called prototypes. In this way, even the giant screen phones can be used by folding them in half. Believe this technology is not too far away, we will all use these phones in the near future. Because both Samsung and LG continue their work at full speed. Mankind continues to push the limits of technology. We are all eagerly and enthusiastically waiting.

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