Same Trouble Every Morning! Why do we wake up tired even in the morning when we sleep enough?

“I sleep for 10 hours, I am still tired when I wake up.” or “I get up like every morning beating.” If you are someone who uses your cues, you are in the right place. Prepare hot chocolates, teacups, let’s see where you might be doing wrong.


First of all, as the first problem, we need to focus on the fact that you may not be following the body’s sleep cycles.

During sleep, one and a half hours of mini sleep cycles are occurring. If your wake-up time corresponds to this deep sleeping turn, you will have difficulty falling asleep for how many hours you sleep. Therefore, you should equip your awakening moment at the end of 1 and half hour cycles.


Accordingly, the ideal wake-up times are to wake up at 1: 30-3-4: 30-6: 00-7: 30-9: 00 hours of sleep.


If you think that the duration of sleeping varies from 7-14 minutes on average, you will wake up at 7, and enter the bed at 11:20 or 00:50 in a day will be an effective solution.


You may also have a sleep disorder.

If you sleep for 8 hours after a discomfort such as a sleep apnea, you can not get your sleep. However, do not always take 8 hours, some people may sleep 6 hours, some 9 hours. The effect of the genes in this matter is considered.

If you wake up for any reason at night, it will make your sleeping quality unbelievable.


Even a tiny drinking session can kill your sleep all night. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can call the problem here.

Another reason is to deal with the phone, the computer or the television before you sleep. Radiation from these types of electronic devices can be delayed for up to 2-3 hours in your body, which normally has to be prepared for sleep by releasing melatonin. If enough melatonin is not secreted, the sleep quality is incredible and you wake up tired in the morning.


Another factor is drug use.

If you are on any medication, and especially if you are drinking close to sleep, you may have to waive your sleep quality as a side effect of the ingredients in it.

Could there be a more insidious cause? Like a nice, warm shower before sleep?

The answer is surprising yes. I feel like I can hear you saying “I take my shower, I sleep more comfortably” but I will explain for a moment if you are silent. The hot shower you take prevents your body from cooling enough during sleep. If you consider that your body temperature is falling while you are sleeping, the hot shower may be blocking your sleeping qualities in the general context, even though it makes it easier to stop sleeping by blocking it.


Another reason is the beverages you have eaten or consumed before you went to sleep.

If you are consuming plenty of salty or fat snacks such as crisps or carbonated beverages such as claws before sleeping, your body cannot find time to rest before you deal with these cats during sleep. In the same way, plenty of spicy foods, cigarettes, and alcohol prevent your body from resting, your head is doing your job. Caffeine is also a negative effect cannot pass without saying.

Instead, you can consume foods that contain tryptophan amino acids (increase sleep quality), full-grain foods (increase serotonin secretion), and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. You have alternatives like banana, a glass of warm milk, a handful of almonds, a light sandwich in whole-grain bread.


Done, no. Scientists think that the dispersion of your neck also affects your sleep quality.

A messy room sends a signal that your subconscious is your unfinished business, so you are experiencing a mini-anxiety situation. This also affects your sleep quality. For this reason, you should keep a few items as possible in your bedroom and keep the distribution to a minimum.


I will come to the effects of exercise and stress.

Exercise is, of course, a very useful exercise in health. However, if you go to jogging 1 hour before going to sleep, your sleep quality may be affected because your body temperature will not fall during sleep.

Stress, as you know, is both the sleeping and the greatest enemy of health in general. The hormone cortisol secreted during stress has the potential to disrupt the body’s natural rhythm. This hormone is secreted immediately after being awakened under normal conditions, causing the body to become energetic. If you are stressed, your sleeping qualities can be settled at night.


In summary, you may have many scientific reasons for waking up tired in the morning.

If you’re doing any of these things, stop doing and try. Let’s see if you can get rid of this problem and wake up in the morning as a legend to the ear.

Good sleep 🙂



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