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The higher the quality of a job, the better it is appreciated. In addition to the many finalists on our list, there are also serials that continue to broadcast. The series that have been on the air for the past 2-3 years have been fitted with 50 prizes.

Here are 25 great prizes with over 50 awards:


  1. Orange Is the New Black – 118 Nominations 50 Rewards

Piper Chapman is a woman engaged. He is arrested on the grounds that he is carrying drugs because of Alex Vause, whom he met 10 years ago in college years, and he is sentenced to several years in prison. Having a luxurious and comfortable life with his fiancé Larry before he goes to jail, Piper will give up on all of them and surrender with his own accord. In prison life, the world will actually be very different. They start questioning those who are alive.

Even though the prison does not fully fit into the cult of the prison in its early days, it will experience great changes over time, and the outside life will gradually change. In prison, he will become a true friend as a friend who is interesting and noble. Piper, who started to learn what he would do under difficult circumstances, slowly disappearing from the memory of things he loved so much in his life outside, the prison life is described in humorous language.

  1. Homeland – 163 Nominations 50 Rewards

Nicholas Brody has been a lost marine sergeant since 2003 and is believed to have died. But Brody is found in a terrorist shelter in an exercise eight years later and is described as a “hero” by the state. Carrie Anderson is a CIA officer and thinks that Brody is working for Al Qaeda, is working with them and is planning to launch an attack on the United States.

  1. House M.D. – 131 Nominations 54 Awards

In a hospital in New Jersey state, the doctor Gregory House, an expert on infectious diseases, and the three-member team describe the events that have taken place at the hospital. Doctor Gregory House is being fired by the hospital administration because it takes too much risk even though it carries out successful operations.

The hospital does not want to hire Doctor Gregory House because it is a risky decision-making structure. British actor Hugh Laurie with Dr. Gregory House has added a lot of different meanings to his character. In addition to being social, intelligent, obsessive and sometimes grumpy and witty, Gregory House is a doctor who can solve difficult illnesses and love the risk.


  1. Six Feet Under – 162 Nominations 54 Awards

Founding a completely different life, Ned Fisher returns to the funeral home he never loved after the death of his father. He should fix up with his brother Devid Fisher, who runs the funeral home and rebuild his brotherhood.

Nate, who realizes she has never known her sister Claire Fisher, should make a decision. Should he go back to his old life or stay with his family? Anne Ruth Fisher’s depressive state makes Nate’s decision harder.


  1. Downton Abbey – 217 Nominations 54 Awards

The Grantham Count There is a life that Robert Crawley thinks is a happy and peaceful place to live with his family and his employees in his estate. But these lives, as of April 15, 1912, change so that they can not be the same again.

The famous transatlantic Titanic slips into the ice and sinks, and the Crawley family along with the ship lose two members. More precisely, two heirs … and events begin. The story, which started in 1912, stretches back to the 1920s in the seasons.


  1. Veep – 171 Nominations 56 Awards

Veep is the unofficial abbreviation of VP, the initials of the English Vice President. The series is circumnavigated by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Vice President Selina Meyer.

Former Senator Meyer is now vice president, but this is not what he imagines. Meyer and his team will struggle to get rid of political games and return them to Washington.


  1. Arrested Development – 110 Nominations 57 Award

Michael Bluth is a hardworking father, but when he realizes he has not spent enough time with his family, he leaves his family business partner and decides to spend more time with his children. Everything does not go as planned and his father is arrested for making fraudulent accounts. Michael takes over this strange family business and starts to work to get things done. Family members should give up their unlimited money spending habits. Michael’s work, which has to tell family members that spending needs to be restrained in order for the company to recover and lower costs, will not be easy.


  1. Desperate Housewives – 180 Nominations 62 Awards

Although the ordinary lives of four housewives seem boring and unbearable, the truth of the work is not so. The experiences they have experienced in their own little worlds are so interesting that they do not fit into the profile of an evil housewife. Desperate Housewives, who breaks records in America, tells the story of desperate housewives who are sitting in the same suburbia and playing games about how happy they are to each other (and indeed to them).

  1. Boardwalk Empire – 182 Nominations 62 Awards

In 1920-1933, when he was selling alcohol, production, and distribution in the United States, he obtained his power with trivia from alcoholism, trafficking and gambling; Atlantic City and New Jersey’s political leader, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson. The series offers a broad perspective on historical characters such as Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Arnold Rothstein, both of whom are famous for their personal and political life as well as the activities they have performed at the time, providing protection to the gangsters for their gangsters using political identities.

  1. Orphan Black – 76 Nominations 62 Reward

Sarah Manning, an orphan, was raised by a guardian family. She witnessed the suicide of Beth Childs, who likes to be like her while escaping from the old city and going to another town. It does not have to be too hard to guess after that. Sarah mixes her dead twin brother Beth’s bag, takes her job and her life. Beth is a police detective, and Sarah replaced her. Things start to get very different with Sarah’s sense that her twin sister is another clone.


  1. The Walking Dead – 182 Nominations 66 Awards

Due to an infectious disease, civilization has disappeared and humans have begun to “mingle” with the word zombie, or “dizzy”. Because it is a cerebellar disease, only the stools that can be neutralized by being shot in the head are fed by eating the people and animals around. Rick Grimes, the sheriff’s deputy, is leading the small group that gives life struggle among the idiots who bite the survivors into zombies.


  1. The Big Bang Theory – 219 Nominations 66 Awards

The United States is a California State, a city of Pasadena … Two gifted physicists at the California Institute of Technology are roommates at the same time. Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), who is engaged in experimental physics with this high IQ physicist, and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), who is engaged in theoretical physics. These two-headed roommates are moved to Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a blonde disaster in their apartment on the day after day, while living in a state of confusion with science in their own right. These new neighbors are waitresses but are eager to play. Penny (Kaley Cuoco), whose IQ is not even far from ours, social life is a level that these two minds can not afford. Here is The Big Bang Theory series, which was said hello for the first season and there were a lot of waters under the skin in 10 seasons.


  1. 24 – 205 Nominations 68 Rewards

The story of the assassination of CTU agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) turns a nightmare into a nightmare, as her daughter Kimberly and his wife Teri disappear mysteriously, and then to America’s first Negro presidential candidate, Senator David Palmer. CTU agents Tony, Nina, and Jamey have 24 hours to rescue Senator Palmer from the fast-approaching danger. Jack, at the same time, will try to find a trace of his daughter and his wife.


12.Friends – 211 Nominations 68 Awards

friends; Her 20-year-old characters and life stories tell 3 different female and 3 male 6 geniuses about their funny and life-filled adventures in New York. In addition, 34 different guests who have lined up guest share this story. Sometimes they are sad and laugh, sometimes love is a very good quality, sometimes full of separation. At Central Perk Cafe, where they spend a lot of time, most of their comedies become partners on stage. In this production, which has been shooting for 10 years, the characters’ ages have been enlarged in the same way with the real life during the series, and their life stories are shaped accordingly.


  1. Seinfeld – 182 Nominations 70 Awards

SEINFELD — Season 9 — Pictured: (l-r) Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer, Jason Alexander as George Costanza, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld — Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBCU Photo Bank

The series features Jerry Seinfeld and his friends George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer’s everyday funny adventures. Jerry is a comedy. His friend, George, is a liar and a man who is always lost. Elaine, on the other hand, was dating Jerry and was a close friend. Because of his honesty, he always keeps his head in trouble and has to leave his boyfriends. Jerry’s door neighbor, Kramer, is the most cracked character in the series. It is famous for using Jerry’s house as his own home and going directly from the door to the fridge.


  1. Sherlock – 154 Nominations of 84 Rewards

Sherlock Holmes is a living character today. The events usually take place in the 21st century. As a coincidence in daily life, Sherlock Holmes meets John, a former doctor, and soldier. Sherlock Holmes and John start to live together at Sherlock’s home in Baker Street and become a roommate. After this meeting, there are some murders in town. The police will follow these murders. They work hard in the city to find murderers. Police ask Sherlock Holmes for help in investigating the murder. Sherlock Holmes does not reject this request for help that the police force directed at him. Sherlock Holmes has many interesting features. His courageous intelligence ensures that details of events and persons can be recognized and understood in a much shorter time than normal. With the help of Sherlock Holmes’ superb employee and his roommate John, the secrets of the city’s murders begin to emerge.


  1. The X Files – 211 Nominations 91 Prize

The FBI, a young agent named Dana Scully, sends him to Mulder to supervise Fox Mulder, who works in the X-Files section. The duo goes from the first episode to Mulder’s chosen scene. As Mulder filed paranormal explanations, Scully approaches the events more scientifically and rationally. As the files are resolved, Scully will slowly leave this stance on the edge. Although they look at individual files, they try to prove the existence of aliens outside these parts and to reach the information the state hides.


  1. Lost – 376 Nominations 105 Awards

A plane from Sydney has fallen to a tropical island. Everyone on the beach is in a hurry, Jack, who is a doctor on board the airplane, assists everyone, helps those in need, heals the wounded. Under Jack’s leadership, everyone on the island starts to do a job, but their only hope is to get rid of it.


  1. Doctor Who – 171 Nominations 109 Awards

This Doctor is a different doctor. The name, character, attitude is a mystery to everything. A woman named Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger who calls herself Doctor, and after that life changes from beginning to end. He soon learns that the whole world, including his family, is in danger. All you have to do is find your way to salvation …


  1. The Sopranos – 301 Nominations 113 Awards

Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mafia man, leads a great mafia. The excitement and enthusiastic performances of Tony Soprano and his family are described in an impressive atmosphere. One day Tony Soprano decides to appear in a psychiatrist after spending more of his frustrations after his exhausting days. In the beginning, while continuing the sessions to fulfill the wishes of the family, these sessions then begin to look good. These sessions, where they have been discussing different issues, have begun to give Tony Soprano different perspectives and perspectives. Our character is constantly intertwined; crime, family, justice, and psychiatry. The handling with Melfi gave him a different comfort.


  1. Modern Family – 342 Nominations 116 Awards

It is a striking distinction that one of the 3 couples is gay, on the order that 3 family members close to each other are told. The fact that this couple is a Vietnamese kid they adopted also adds a lot of charm to the queue. Jay and his wife are Gloria. Jay, who married the beautiful Colombian Gloria when she left her first wife, is older than Gloria. Another couple is Jay’s daughter Claire and her wife Phil. We are talking about a very colorful couple that Phil is paying for the “color” word. Another couple is Jay’s stepson, homosexual Mitchell and his wife, Cameron. In the series, the connections between these 3 families are described, and everything that passes between the families is transmitted to the audience with all their humorous aspects.


  1. Mad Men – 371 Nominations 130 Rewards

The Mad Men in New York in the 1960s takes you to a strong and glorious ‘Golden Age’ of advertising, a world full of surprises where everyone has sold something and nothing is happening in anticipation. In this world where Egon reigns, the main actors will exhibit their mastery in the art of selling, sometimes they will have their own private experiences in sales.


  1. Breaking Bad – 225 Nominations 146 Rewards

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad – Gallery – Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Walter, his wife, and disabled son Jr. is a self-taught chemist living in New Mexico with his whole life according to the rules, learns that it is the deadly stage of lung cancer. It’s been two years to live. Shaken by this news, White changes the equation of your life. It turns out to be a new man, stripped of all day-to-day concerns and society-imposed limitations … A man who uses his chemistry knowledge to produce and sell drugs for a different reason. The aim is to earn money after his death to enable his family to pass. But things get out of control …


  1. The Simpsons – 299 Nominations 168 Awards

Playing the father role of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson sets up a life in the neighborhood of Springfield’s middle-class family after marrying high school love, Marge. Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. Bart is always 10, Lisa is 8, and Maggie is 1. Homer Simpson is bald, fat and very stupid. Forget anniversaries, birthdays and special days. He likes to drink beer. But he loves his family very much and is ready to do anything for them. Though he has a great affection for his wife and children, from time to time he can keep his wishes preliminary with the effect of primitive self.


  1. Game of Thrones – 435 nominations 253 Awards

Game of Thrones, George R.R. A new HBO series based on Martin’s best-selling novel. In a world where the summers lasted for years and the winters did not have a lifetime, the Westeros government paid the penalty. Betrayal, lust, footwork, and supernatural powers, from scheming southern and wild east lands, cold north, and back to the darkness of the darkness, captivated four corners of the kingdom. Kingdoms and queens, knights and escorts, rogues and nobles fire a bloody battle for ‘Iron Throne’


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