15 Cheap Places to Visit in Europe

Cheap Places to Visit in Europe? Europe continues to welcome visitors with its historical beauties and cultural heritage .. What are the countries where you can travel on a low budget in Europe? I have searched for you the cheapest 15 European cities by eating, drinking and traveling for those who make travel plans. Let’s look at these 15 cities together.

  • Belgrade

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the Balkans, means White City. The National Library of Serbia and the National Theater of Belgrade are the city’s cultural and artistic centers. With the annual Beer Festival and Nikola Tesla Museum being repeated every year, Belgrade is a complete travel paradise. Although the white color is not very visible to the outside, Belgrade is the naughty child of the Balkans with its nightlife and cheap alcohol … You can only go to Serbia without a visa and have a passport and have a good festival.

Where to go Belgrade?

Nicola Tesla Museum, St. Sava Cathedral, Student Cultural Centers, Yugoslav History Museum.


What are cheap things to do in Belgrade?

Inexpensive lunch: 15 euro

Cappuccino: 3.67 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.75 euro

  • Bratislava

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is one of the two cities in the world with both the Austrian and Hungarian boundaries. At the same time, Bratislava, one of Europe’s manufacturing bases, has factories of many famous European brands.

Where to go Bratislava?

Old Town, National Slovak Museum, Castle of Bratislava, Primate’s Palace, Michael’s Gate.


What are cheap things to do in Bratislava?

Inexpensive lunch: 15.50 euro

Cappuccino: 5.32 euro

Taxi 1 miles: 2.57 euro

  • Bucharest

Another city built on the fertile soil of the Danube River; Romania’s capital city Bucharest. The streets and buildings of Bucharest, which contain traces from the communist era, keep the architecture of that period in itself. Let me remind you that people speak fluent English in Romania and that many Turkish brands have stores in Bucharest. Do not forget to try mobile tastes by shopping at the Lipscani part.

Where to go in Bucharest?

Parliament Building, Haverstraw Park, Revolution Square, National History Museum, streets of Lipscani


What are cheap things to do in Bucharest?

Inexpensive lunch: 17 euro

Cappuccino: 5 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 0.96 euro

  • Lviv

Lviv, which is visited by thousands of tourists every day, is a young city. A young city that lives 24 hours with hostels, cheap food and beer. Both transport, but very cheap accommodation as well as by Turkey. Every year in the city, the Spring Festival music festival and the annual Opera Festival celebrate intellectual accumulation. Let’s not say that the girls in Lviv are very nice.

Where to go Lviv?

Man with Hat Statue, Luzerne Square, Victorian Tea House, Rynok Square, Lviv Opera House


What are cheap things to do in Lviv?

Inexpensive lunch: 7.24 euro

Cappuccino: 2.57 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 0.68 euro

  • Kiev

The capital city of Ukraine and the largest city in Eastern Europe Kyiv is a charming city built on both sides of the Dnieper River. A fully student-friendly city in Kiev where you can travel with affordable budget.

Where to go Kiev?

St. Sofia Cathedral, Mariyinsky Park, Freedom Square, World War II Museum, Golden Gate


What are cheap things to do in Kiev?

Inexpensive lunch: 13.65 euro

Cappuccino: 7.09 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.60 euro

  • Krakow

Krakow, one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland, is a city known for its hosting. Hosted by millions of tourists every year, Krakow is a ruined city and recovered from the Second World War. If you want to return with an enthusiastic travel, intellectual experience, Krakow is for you …

Where to go Krakow?

Florianska Street, Vistula River, Sukiennice, Cathedral Museum, Wawel Castle


What are cheap things to do in Krakow?

Inexpensive lunch: 13.5 euro

Cappuccino: 5.21 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1,45 euro

  • Prague

The most beautiful and nostalgic city of Central Europe, Prague. Prague is a budget-friendly city in Prague, where hundreds of thousands of tourists visit each year and spend a lot of your trips with the souls of the late, Nazi and Soviet eras. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, where you can enter with the Schengen visa, is divided into 1 to 20 districts in the center; As you move towards the 20th district, you are getting very far away from the city center.

Where to go Prague?

Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, John Lennon Wall, Franz Kafka Museum


What are cheap things to do in Prague?

Inexpensive lunch: 13.38 euro

Cappuccino: 4.84 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 2.84 euro

3 day Prague Card Fee (Student): 42 euro

  • Riga

Riga, the liveliest and most vibrant city among the Baltic capitals, is the capital of Latvia. Having a life blended with nightlife and Baltic culture, Riga has an atmosphere that warm-hearted people warm up, even though it is cold. It is possible to find beautiful blondes everywhere in this country where the blonde is dominant. Just get your head up and look around.

Where to go Riga?

Karakafalılar Evi, Statue of Liberty, Riga Cathedral, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Television Tower


What are cheap things to do in Riga?

Inexpensive lunch: 16 euro

Cappuccino: 6.25 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.98 euro

  • Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the heart-broken capital of the Balkans, is a capital city that embodies history and sadness; just another Balkan city where you can log in with your passport. It is possible to find plane tickets at affordable prices in this city where you can look for souvenirs on the historical streets.

Where to go Sarajevo?

Mostar Bridge, Hüsrevbey Mosque, Tunnel Museum, Miljacka River, Başçarşı


What are cheap things to do in Sarajevo?

Inexpensive lunch: 11.09 euro

Cappuccino: 3.64 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.58 euro

  • Sofia

Founded in the Sofia Valley, this capital holds traces both from the Orthodox tradition and from the Socialist era. Sofia is a fun and touristy city in a short time. You can also have a fun snow holiday at the ski center in Vitosha Mountain.

Where to go Sofia?

Socialist Art Museum, Artists Bars, Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral, Studenski Grad, Oborishte


What are cheap things to do in Sofia?

Inexpensive lunch: 15.41 euro

Cappuccino: 3.17 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.25 euro

  • St. Petersburg

A city inspired by Dostoyevsky’s writing novels. Petersburg is the 2nd biggest city of Russia and the cultural center of Russia. It is possible to find channels on each side of the city and these channels add a distinctive beauty to the city. It is rumored that this city, called the Gate to Europe, was created by inspiration from European cities – mainly Venice.

Where to go St. Petersburg?

Hermitage Museum, Great Katherina Statue, White Night Dance Festival, Bloody Church, Peterhof


What are cheap things to do in St. Petersburg?

Inexpensive lunch: 27.31 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.60 euro

24 hours bike rental: 30 euro

  • Warsaw

This city, which was destroyed by 80% in the Second World War, was rebuilt with the help of the Soviets. Warsaw, Poland’s largest city, and capital is a European city with traces of Soviet times. It is a student city with a student population and a vibrant nightlife. As in all of Poland, there are destinations in Warsaw where you can travel for less money than in other European cities.

Night panorama of Old Town in Warsaw, Poland

Where to go Warsaw?

Old City, Warsaw Culture and Science Palace, Lazienski Park, Nowy Swiat Street, Praga


What are cheap things to do in Warsaw?

Inexpensive lunch: 14.51 euro

Cappuccino: 7.09 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 1.60 euro

  • Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has an enclosed atmosphere that is enclosed in cold air as it is close to the Baltic Sea. Staying in the center of the city, you can visit places of interest very close to the center. 24 hours is enough to visit Vilnius and get to know it.

Where to go Vilnius?

Stikliu Caddesi, National Museum of Lithuania, St. Anne’s Church, Uzupis, Museum of Victims of Genocide


What are cheap things to do in Vilnius?

Inexpensive lunch: 15 euro

Cappuccino: 5.50 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 2.17 euro

  • Zagreb

Zagreb, the most populous city in Croatia, a country established along the Dalmatian coast. Zagreb is a cultural capital with its history-stunning streets, convenient transportation, and Boutique Hotels. While the city is crowded in the winter, most of its population is in a quiet climate as it goes down to the coastal towns in the summer months.

Where to go Zagreb?

Zagreb Cathedral, Upper Town, Maksimir Park, Ban Jelacic Square, Tkalciceva Street


What are cheap things to do in Zagreb?

Inexpensive lunch: 16.83 euro

Cappuccino: 4.11 euro

Taxi 1 mile: 2.44 euro


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