Boyfriend pants, fashion is back!

Boyfriend trousers, plenty of casual jeans. These pants, which are both comfortable and want to look stylish, have many models. You can choose from sports shoes when shopping during the daytime. The combination of stiletto styled shoes helps make you look much more stylish. But the use of these boyfriend pants with shoes without heels style shoes may not be very suitable. It is a very ideal style for lovers of masculine. You can make very convenient combinations for daily use, job interview, first date, etc. What should we look out for when buying boyfriend jeans

Some suggestions for those who want to buy boyfriend jeans:

-Definitely try before buying. It does not be bigger than your body. Otherwise, it will look like a sack. Be careful to buy a small body that is fully suited to your own body or from your own body. Make sure that the jeans are not too light or too dark. Levis 501 color may be appropriate.

-Pants narrowing toward to wrist is important. Models with wide wrist pants can show you overweight.

-If you want your style to be a sport, you can wear a simple t-shirt and white sport shoes with your boyfriend jeans.

-If you want your style to be stylish, you can wear a silk shirt on it. Prefer stiletto or other wedge heeled shoes..

-Use a handbag that is worn in stiletto shoes. If you prefer sports shoes, a nice backpack can be a good idea.

-Wearing a small leather jacket over the comb, I think is the coolest one. Your coat color can be black, white or brown.

-If your hair is natural, it will be your advantage. You can also choose a long straight or slightly wavy hairstyle.

That’s all my advice. Enjoy it!


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