What’s a Latte Your Guide to Latte Drinks

Latte, which means milk in Italian, is a gravy made by adding milk and milk to the espresso with the technique of foaming. Latte emerged as a part of the European cuisine towards the end of the 17th century. The consumed state of Latte’s today began to be commercially produced in America and Scandinavia with the second half of the 20th century.


How is Latte done?

Milk is not frosted in the basic version of latte’s prepared at home in the morning by the Italians. For this reason, it is only referred to as milky coffee. Latte is made in classic coffee pots like teapots. Nowadays, this coffee is prepared with the latte machine as standard. The formula contains 20% coffee, 10% hot milk and 70% evaporated cold milk. Syrups such as caramel, sour cherries and chocolate can be added to the top according to preference.


What is latte’s tricky point?

Latte, cappuccino, and mocha are produced in cooperation with espresso and porter. Latte is the distinguishing feature of the cigarette heating technique in the preparation process. Milk is heated by rotating it with a steam bar and hit the bottom of the cabinet, which is prepared several times in a cup when it reaches 71 degrees Celsius. This step is crucial for achieving the perfect balance. Thus, the service is provided without leaving the milk foam of the cup. The espresso should not wait for more than one minute during the settlement of the tobacco cream. A latte should be served with the thin and long latte. The sugar content is left to the beverage person.


Where is Latte consumed?

Latte, which reduces the hardness of the espresso with milk, is called caffe latte in English-speaking countries. The French cafe au lait, the Spanish cafe con leche name consumed. Portuguese-speaking countries such as Portugal and Brazil are called Gallo. It is also seen that it is consumed by mixing with tea in Asian and American continents. With the spread of cafés, it has become one of the most popular coffees in the world.


What are Latte varieties?

Latte, a soft coffee, has a variety of flavors to be added on top of the cream. Bitter almonds, hazelnuts, vanilla, caramel, banana, Irish cream, chocolate and white chocolate flavors are among the most widely used flavors. In the United States, there are coffee, frosted latte varieties with a cold drinkable version of ice and cold milk added on a hot espresso, with fixed odds. These varieties also enrich the popular art form called “latte art” with the designs drawn on them.


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