15 Defective Movements to Avoid a Perfect Skin

Everyone wants to have a beautiful appearance. While the makeup helps close the flaws in the skin; on the other hand, it disrupts the natural structure of our skin. In fact, it’s easy to get the beauty we want with healthy, clean skin. How well do things that you know right are good for your skin? Here are 15 imperfect skin care methods to turn your skin into minefield and proper skin care methods …


  1. Choosing the wrong skin care product

The most important factor in skin care is the products used. You should choose skin care products according to your skin type and age. Otherwise, the products you use will damage your skin. If you do not know which product suits your skin, you can get help from a beauty specialist. Whenever you find a skin-friendly product, do not change your brand or product range as often as possible.


  1. Do not use sun lotion

According to beauty experts, even if you do not spend a lot of time outdoors in sunny weather, you should use a facial cream with a factor of at least 15. When you go on a holiday, you need to use a facial cream with a minimum of 30 factors. Experts suggest that especially open and precise skinned people should be careful in this regard. Otherwise, wrinkles and stains will appear on your skin.


  1. Drying oily skin

Using products with alcohol or sulfate in the skin, drying the skin or soaking your face too often will cause your body to lose water and peel off your skin. Jojoba oil or grapeseed oil helps balance your skin’s fat.


  1. Applying wet skin cream

The creams you apply while your skin is wet do not have any contribution to your skin. Once your skin is established, you should apply a tonic. After tonic is absorbed, massage with a moisturizer suitable for your skin becomes a more accurate method. In this way, you will allow both the water in your skin to be absorbed and you will be free from the dry appearance of your skin.


  1. Use more foamy products

Beautiful woman cleaning her face with a foam treatment on white

Using too foamy products damages your skin. The product is indicative of the harmful chemicals in the foam so much. Instead, you can use a less bubbling cleaner or clean milk.


  1. Wash skin with very hot or too cold water

Breaking down your skin with excessively hot or too cold water disrupts your skin balance. The right method; the skin is washed with warm water. In this way, your skin will look both flawless and healthy.


  1. Too much powder

Especially in hot weather, the powder is used to make the skin look matte. But when the powder prevents shine on the skin, it damages the skin by closing the pores. The correct method is to clean your skin with tissue paper. In this way, you will get rid of the excess oil in your skin and you will have a healthy way of getting a matte look.


  1. Getting out of sight

The eye contour is from the most sensitive parts of our day and requires special care. You should massage your eyes with a cream suitable for your skin. You should apply the cream to the bones below your eyes, not to the eyelid.


  1. Neglecting the lips

Dry and peeling lips do not give a good outer appearance to anyone. So, you should not neglect your lips when you care for your skin. You can do lip care with a lip balm suitable for skin cream.


  1. Sleeping by pressing the face pillow

You should sleep in your back-to-back position so that your skin does not wrinkle and your pores get air. Otherwise, the pores on your face clinging to the pillow will not be able to breathe and the skin will wrinkle.


  1. To apply face cream wrong

The cream is very important for the application, the cream is the right application. You should apply face creams by massaging from the center of the face towards the edges. This method allows your skin to stretch less.


  1. Do not change pillow cases too often

Experts advise changing pillowcases every few days. Using your skin and fat absorbing pillowcases on your skin for a long time will cause your skin to become oily and unhealthy.


  1. Do not use tonic

Use tonic after you wash your face; cleanses excess oil in the skin, shrinks the pores, and helps the moisturizing cream to reach each layer of skin. So once you’ve washed your face, you should use a tonic before moisturizing.


  1. Touching the face too much

Touching the face too much will cause the whole bacteria to be transported to the face, which is transmitted on public transport and on the street. To keep your skin healthy, you should not make too much contact with the face, especially when you are outdoors.


  1. To consume abundant junk and not drink enough water

Fries, pastries and sweet foods are also a danger to our health in terms of our health. Experts advise us to stay away from these greens, to feed on vegetables.

It’s also important that our food is rich in vitamin B. It is possible to provide vitamin B with asparagus, apples, carrots or liver that is put into the dishes. Zinc-rich foods help keep the skin healthy. Cookies such as eggs, seafood, and nuts are rich in zinc.



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